Since its creation in 2014, Imagine Shows has worked to develop the interaction between various circus disciplines, dance and digital arts. The company places emphasis on a creative process that allows for new styles of artistic acrobatic experimentation. Founded by two former Cirque du Soleil artists, Mélanie Nunes and Cesar Andrade, Imagine Shows offers a variety of creative works combining acrobatics, extreme sports, dance and music.

    The dramaturgy of their shows feeds off a multidisciplinary exchange and the relationship between different art forms. The goal of the collaboration among circus artists, dancers and musicians is a poetic understanding of movement ; a reinterpretation of the use of equipment to illustrate and uphold an artist intention. The company cultivates an artistic proposal open to the world and the diversity of body language.

    From the company’s beginning, the artistic director Mélanie Nunes has sought to broaden circus language by orienting her focus to the crossroads of multiple disciplines : circus arts, contemporary dance, extreme sports. Her innovative acrobatic performances have given a voice to this new style of circus on many national and international stages.

    Circus arts are a way of exploring the alternative ; fostering communication between art forms that seem worlds apart. This work that defines Imagine Shows is that of performance art in direct relationship to the modern world. The company’s co-founders Mélanie Nunes and Cesar Andrade endeavour to change the perception of circus and the artists who keep it alive. They seek to go beyond present notions associated with these disciplines and to give them a distinctive artistic voice.

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